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penny and sherman kiss
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Penny Peterson is the love interest of Sherman from the animated film, Mr. Peabody& Sherman. She is voiced by Ariel Winter. She is first seen going to.
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Ariel Winter: Penny Peterson

As they entered the room, Penny couldn't help but to wonder in the transformation of Sherman's room. It was more neat and orderly compared to the last time she visited.

Chapter 5: Sherman's first kiss, Peabody's first love. They were walking through Switzerland together. Sherman wanted to see that thing, while Lieserl wanted to marry him Yeah, they had different ideas. It was a simple, small, but cute Switzerland's city, really warm. Sherman inspected every single thing of it. But the only thing Lieserl inspected was Sherman: how he reacted, how he talked, how he cleaned his glasses when a little dust was on them

It's been said that those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it. Particularly if they're in a class that requires them to memorize a whole bunch of dates and stuff. Peabody and his adopted son, Sherman, have just such a device stuffed away in their New York City penthouse. Every now and then, the two will hop into the apple-colored time machine and zip back to the past. Wanna visit Wyatt Earp in Tombstone, Ariz. No prob! Just steer clear of the corral.


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    The Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show (TV Series ) - Chris Parnell as Mr. Peabody - IMDb

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    Mr. Peabody & Sherman () - Ariel Winter as Penny Peterson - IMDb

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