House of cards rachel and lisa

Rachel Posner

house of cards rachel and lisa

House Of Cards - S02E11 (2013) - Kate Lyn Sheil & Rachel Brosnahan

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Rachel Posner, House of Cards

However, Stamper ends up hiring her himself. - But then Stamper ends up hiring Rachel Posner to sleep with him.

Rachel Posner was a former prostitute who had a relationship with Doug Stamper. a recurring character in the first, second, and third seasons of House of Cards. Lisa moves out of her home when her roommate starts smoking meth and.
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Show: House of Cards. Character Status: Regular. Endgame: Dead. Orientation: Bisexual. Show Status: Still Airing. Tropes: Bury Your Gays , Tortured.

Sure, you remember Frank and Claire Underwood, and their trusted advisor Doug Stamper -- and probably Will Conway, their Republican challenger in the presidential election. But there are a whole lot of other "House of Cards" characters who are easy to forget in a show with this many moving pieces. Stamper paid her to keep quiet about being with the politician, and then he started paying her to sleep with him as well. But Stamper got way too clingy with Rachel and she tries to escape his grasp, making her a potentially damaging loose end. He eventually tracks her down and kills her. Lisa is still out there, as one of the few people outside the Underwood administration who knows full well what kind of person Doug Stamper is. So Frank made it his mission to get revenge, destroy Walker and steal his presidency.


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