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5 Types Of White Men I Refuse To Date

black and white fetish
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Why I Dated A Guy Who Fetishized Me For Being A Black Woman

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Of constant fascination for me are the ways in which literature employs skin color to reveal character or drive narrative—especially if the fictional main character is white which is almost always the case. In much American literature, when plot requires a family crisis, nothing is more disgusting than mutual sexual congress between the races.

Racial fetishism involves fetishizing a person or culture belonging to a race or ethnic group. Homi K. Racial fetishism involves contradictory belief systems where the 'other' is both demonized and idolized. Feminist writer Anne McClintock is interested in opening up the discourse of fetishism to stray away from the phallus and the scene of castration.

My relationship with my identity has always been complicated.


  1. Sumner R. says:

    The fetishization of black women expanded during the Colonial Era, as some white male slave owners raped their black.

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    And why "racial fetishes" are so wrong. chunk of my young life attracted to men who preferred my white, Hispanic or lighter-skinned friends.

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