Grimmjow and neliel fanfiction

grimmjow and neliel fanfiction
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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Grimmjow x Neliel. An archive for the fandom.
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Grimmjow & Neliel bump into each other on an off December day, and it sparks Nel's curiosity. Oneshot that could possibly turn into a story AU NelxGrimm.
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Torn Path: The Warrior's Heart. The palace of the Arrancars, and heart of Hueco Mundo, realm of the Hollows. This whole place had been devastated by battle. Hundreds of Arrancars and Hollows had been slain within, and the whole place had been left in ruins.

The war was over, Aizen had been captured, the Vandenreich defeated, she had been healed by Orihime, and now she was one of the few remaining of the Espada. Her, the Tercera Espada who had succeeded her, and that wild Grimmjow. Well, they were no longer Espada; Tia Harribel was now the ruler of Hueco Mundo, and she wasn't even sure if that Grimmjow was still alive. She hadn't seen him since he'd been defeated by Ichigo.


  1. Adrien C. says:

    This one-shot is my contribution to the GrimmNel festival, which is happening this weekend.

  2. Kenneth R. says:

    Grimmjow x Neliel | FanFiction

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