Mlp octavia and dj pon3

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mlp octavia and dj pon3
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(Pon3 & Octavia plus BP Vol. 3)

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Octavia : Well, when I saw it reminded me of you….
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My Little Brony

In the episode, Octavia is revealed to be DJ Pon-3's housemate, and the two Octavia appears providing music at the Friendship Festival in My Little Pony The .
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By Apple Bloom , March 14, You can find Octavia at garden parties and galas performing prim and proper classical music on her cello. On the other hoof, DJ Pon-3 feels at home behind her turntable, laying down sick beats and wearing her trademark sunglasses. Are these two bitter rivals, or are they long time friends? Will they ever perform a duet? Only time will tell!

Besides, how else am I supposed to clean the dishes, Octavia? Vinyl Scratch just sighed as the wubs continued. Shut it off! She was trying to sleep in the middle of the night, covering her head with a pillow.


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    As a result, both DJ Pon-3 and Octavia give her a score of "0", while Rarity gives In My Little Pony The Movie, DJ Pon-3 appears providing music during the.

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