Marina and pearl splatoon

Off the Hook

marina and pearl splatoon
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Splatoon Pearl X Marina by Cobat (Sound)

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Their voice actors are Rina Itou (?????) and Alice, respectively. The duo consists of an Inkling and an Octoling, Pearl Houzuki and Marina Ida (?? & ??? .
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Pearl Houzki

Her voice actess is named Rina Itou. Pearl is an Inkling with short, shoulder length cream hair that has pink tips.

Pearl is an Inkling with short, cream hair that has pink tips. She also wears a cream-colored crown on her head that's pink at the tips.
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Pearl and Marina

Pearl Houzki, known in Japan as Houzuki Hime (Colossal Squid)), is an idol that Pearl and Marina's songs are a mix of the Octoling language and Inkling.
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Marina Ida is one of two members of Off the Hook , a band featured in Splatoon 2 , along with Pearl , that hosts Inkopolis News , replacing the Squid Sisters from the first game. Her signature color is teal.

They perform both the spoken dialogue as well as the tracks the characters sing. Pearl and Marina first appear in the Nintendo Switch video game Splatoon 2. They serve as the hosts for the game, introducing which stages will be playable by players during that period while offering commentary.



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    They take over the Squid Sisters ' duties from the first game as the hostesses of Inkopolis News at the start of the game, as well as Splatfest events.

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