Are olive and fletcher dating in real life

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are olive and fletcher dating in real life
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Fletcher Quimby and Chyna Parks. Broken up Best Friends. Fletcher fell in love with Chyna the instant he saw her when she joined the A.
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The Victim's Wake

As of UnwANTed, Fletcher and Olive are boyfriend and girlfriend. For the real life pairing of Jake Short and Sierra McCormick, see Jierra. Warning.
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Generations grew up with kids their own age going through the same things in the middle school years. One of those universal experiences is a crush or a first relationship.

I n the Caribbean, there's an old saying that Americans come to the tropics to misbehave. Whacked out on the rum and the sun, they do things they'd never do at home, but few tourists have ever gotten into quite as much trouble as Jim and Penny Fletcher, a wealthy yachting couple from Huntington, West Virginia, whose run through the islands ultimately landed them in prison. In October of last year, the Fletchers found themselves accused of murdering a water-taxi operator, Jerome "Jolly" Joseph, on the little island of Bequia, which is part of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, a former British colony.


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