Proof that harry and louis are dating tumblr

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proof that harry and louis are dating tumblr
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In One Direction fandom, shippers like to say, usually half-jokingly, that their slash ship "is real". Many Larry shippers on Tumblr and Twitter have combed through massive amounts of publicly available information everything from interviews to candid photos to song lyrics to tattoos [2] to insider anons to find evidence that Harry and Louis were and continue to be boyfriends in real life. As the theory goes, One Direction's management company Modest!

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Niall is such a smoothy. - They were both attracted to each other from the start.

Raise your hand if you read this in the girls voice too. The Christmas Lift by homosociallyyours, 13k. May 25, Will I ever get over the fact that the thing that made Harry happiest about getting to tell a fan that he and Louis were dating was that the fan said she knew they were before he confirmed it? But Harry got an opportunity, a white whale of a moment in March , to tell a fan to their face when asked and she was happy to hear it and that made Harry do this with his face?

It is generally believed they started dating as early as the X Factor house, and I even once thought they started dating as early as December because of the whole Dusty Styles and Ted Tomlinson craziness, but there are a few reasons why I think they truly made it official mid I think Harry genuinely thought they had a bromance, and genuinely was attracted to Louis and this tweet was the result.


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