Daring do and rainbow dash

Ask Rainbow Dash and Daring-Do

daring do and rainbow dash
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Highschool BFFs Play Truth Or Dare

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My Little Pony: Rainbow Dash and the Daring Do Double Dare

Daring Do and her books are introduced in Read It and Weep, when Twilight Sparkle brings Rainbow Dash the first book in the series, Daring Do and the Quest.
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Why Does Daring Do Look Similar To Rainbow Dash?

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Stranger Than Fan Fiction

Daring Do in Daring Done? Daring Do as A. Yearling in Daring Don't.

By NegaRen , April 8, Daring Do's design has always bothered me ever since I watched the episode Daring Don't. Does anyone know why she was designed to look like Rainbow Dash? My theory has always been that RD imagined herself as the protagonist in the first DD appearance, and it was meant to be a one time thing. Then when DD came back they had to keep it that way. People do that in books all the time.


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