Tigress and tai lung mating fanfiction

tigress and tai lung mating fanfiction

Tai Lung Fucks Master Tigress!

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Shifu tiredly rubbed his head. After all these years….
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Disclaimer: This is a work of written erotica of a furry nature, involving two consenting adults I do not make any claims to ownership of Kung Fu Panda or its affiliates; This was not written for profit. Hey, its Sofurry.

How low have we become? He looked at his lover, Shifu, for an answer.
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Mating Season Tai Lung is back but he hasn't come without a reason. Everyone had noticed the change between him and Tigress over.
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A single word. It meant precious. But how precious was he? Sure he was chosen to be the Dragon Warrior. But was he worthy? He has killed, no murdered two men. And for what?

Yes, this fic has been published for a while, but many of you may have never known about it due to its "M" rating. The default search settings for the list of KFP fics does not include "M"-rated fics, something that prevents stories like this from getting many views. Therefore, I declare this fic's new rating to be "T", but readers be warned: this is "M"-rated content no sex tho k thnx.


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