The l word jenny and marina love scene

Marina Ferrer, The L Word

the l word jenny and marina love scene
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‘The L Word’: Give Us All Women All the Time

Um, okay. It gave me a heartburn.

Jenny is self indulgent, manipulative, likely bipolar, often cruel, and possesses a questionable level of sanity. But does she really deserve every ounce of our loathing, more than all of the other destructive characters on the show?
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The Way That We Live: An In-depth L Word Character Study

By Maggie Chirdo and Sophia Santaniello. The opening scene set in Greenwich Village! This episode is really just a string of situations where Tim comes painfully close to catching Jenny and Marina in the act with a bit of side plot thrown in. Tim walks into the bathroom that Marina and Jenny are hooking up in, because this cafe conveniently has all gender restrooms, and somehow Jenny is able to slip out of the stall without Tim suspecting a thing. Back at the house, Jenny seems to have a literal fever dream as the events of the day culminate in her imagining Nick as a demon of lies and deceit.

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    In Defense of Jenny Schecter, The L Word Character You Love to Hate - AfterEllen

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