Huck and quinn kiss

Huck and Quinn

huck and quinn kiss
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Scandal Huck and Quinn hardcore scene sex hot

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After a while Quinn began to annoy Huck, because he is trying to keep her Quinn began to express her distaste for him, and he forced a kiss on her.
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Shocking Scandal Moments

We all knew we were in for a rough night. A quick pop to the back of the head as he was running away, trying to reclaim an imperfect life with an imperfect man he happened to love. As we might have guessed, it began when James approached a scraggly looking Cyrus at a bar to press him for source information.

Huck tries to kiss Quinn but she's not having it. No declaration, no love. Huck finally confesses and “Huckleberry Quinn” have a steamy hook-up.
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Ten crazy things that happened on 'Scandal' ('Kiss Kiss Bang Bang'): season 3, episode 14

Scandal made me happy and angry all at the same time and I have no idea why I let myself fall so deeply in love with characters when I know someone somewhere is just going to break my heart. Huck and Quinn: the friendship dynamic is what I really love and am rooting for. Mama Pope bout suspect as hell.

Fug the Show: Scandal, season 3, episode 17

This show is wretched at the passage of time. Our favorite Secret Service agent turned B-Ullshit spy actually ended up being a pretty boring plot twist, right? Nothing happened with that. Look at this man. He is hungry for Happenings. I bet HE knows how to kiss a woman without unhinging his jaw. This show is the classic example of wanting to have its cake and eat it, too.

Jake killed James Novak, not David Rosen. In my recap last week, I called that correctly while many thought otherwise. James was clearly more disposable than David in the world of "Scandal.


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