Donna from black ink bathroom

‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Donna Gets Dragged After Caught in Bathroom With Alex?

donna from black ink bathroom
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Uploaded February 20, Black Ink Crew's Donna & Vagina Slayer smashing in a public bathroom. Posted by Abdul.
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Black Ink Crew’s Donna & Vagina Slayer Having Sex In Public Bathroom [VIDEO]

Next, a video is posted of the two together in a bathroom stall allegedly engaged in a freaky moment. Now the footage of the two in the bathroom stall was not a clear indication the two were truly intimate, especially since Alex was also captured preparing a cigar to be smoked at a later time.

Black Ink Crew's Donna is allegedly living up to a reputation given to her by She apparently got caught in the bathroom with Alex, AKA "The.
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Black Ink Crew’s Donna Caught Allegedly Getting Smashed In Public Bathroom!

Thursday, February 22, AM., Log in.

Watch: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Stars Donna & Alex Address Bathroom Incident

Donna dealt with major backlash, and claimed she suffered bullying over this. After initially denying what could be clearly seen in the clip, Donna and Alex gave details into what happened in that bathroom during a recent interview. Who is Donna hanging around if people are dong much worse than smashing in public bathrooms?



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