Sylvester stallone mom psychic

Jackie Stallone

sylvester stallone mom psychic
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SYLVESTER STALLONE The Party at Kitty and Studs

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Rumpology , Asstrology or bottom reading is a pseudoscience akin to physiognomy , performed by examining crevices, dimples, warts, moles and folds of a person's buttocks in much the same way a chirologist would read the palm of the hand. The term rumpology is a neologism. The American astrologer Jackie Stallone claims that rumpology is known to have been practiced in ancient times by the Babylonians , the Indians , and the Ancient Greeks and Romans , [2] although she provides no evidence for this claim.
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Sylvester Stallone’s mom is gonna be a ‘Contender’

I'm Jacqueline Stallone, world famous and internationally esteemed astrologer and psychic. You may also know me as the mother of the iconic Sylvester.
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Jacqueline Frances Labofish was born in Washington, D. Her family lived with body builder Charles Atlas , [ when? She was also a hairdresser. Even after Sylvester starred in the film Rocky in she remained unknown to the general public as his mother. Stallone was shown rapping with Americana, Mt. Fiji and Susie Spirit behind her. She rapped about Aunt Kittie's girls and making them kitty litter.

Jacqueline Stallone, the foremost American rumpologist, has revealed and revived the ancient art of Rumpology. Rump reading is an art that was practiced in ancient Babylon, India, Greece, and Rome. The ancient Greeks thought the derriere was the key to health and fidelity and the Romans used prints of the gluteus maximus the way some people use palmistry today, to determine potential talents and future success.


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    Jacqueline Stallone, the foremost American rumpologist, has revealed and Psychic Astrology Rumpology Button Jacqueline Stallone Psychic Astrology Charts.

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