Charlie rose is a pervert

CBS, PBS & Bloomberg Suspend Charlie Rose In Wake of Sexual Harassment Allegations

charlie rose is a pervert
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By Dade Hayes. Instead, they went directly at the absence of co-anchor Charlie Rose in a candid and stark three-minute opening discussion. See video below.
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Another Liberal Media Pervert Exposed- Charlie Rose

By Jeremy Gerard., Her advice to them?

Some of the women worked as junior-level producers for his PBS program or aspired to do so. Some of the accounts are lurid, alleging Rose would travel with some of the women or invite them to work at his house, and then try to lure them to see him while he showered or otherwise approach them in a sexual manner.
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CBS Takes Action Against Alleged Pervert Charlie Rose…

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So far this week, NBC anchor Matt Lauer and hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons have become the latest to join the long list of high-profile men facing sexual harassment, assault, and misconduct allegations since the exposing of Harvey Weinstein as a sexual predator. And, like those before them, their unceremonious welcome to joining that growing list of men in power has included facing actual repercussions for their actions—NBC fired Lauer, and Simmons has stepped away from his many companies—as well as adding their own inglorious contributions to the also-expanding canon of the terrible "public apology. Fittingly, Weinstein paved the way in issuing exactly the type of "apology" so mindblowingly inadequate that it succeeds in what was thought impossible: making his already deplorable actions worse. It's pretty hard to beat attempting to explain away decades of abuse with a made-up quote by Jay-Z but, unsurprisingly, some of these men have. These are inexcusable nonapologies, but the alternate option—maddeningly self-righteous, misguided, entitled, and nonsensical words attempting to pass as apologies—is no better. But since abuse is all about power, here's a power ranking of the most egregious, from "please just stop talking" to "basically a crime in and of itself.

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    Now Charlie Rose? He seemed so dignified. I heard he kept interrupting people and I noticed this watching his show one time, but I didn't.

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