Places to hook up on a college campus

Where To Have Sex On Campus, According To 7 Students Who Did It Without Getting Caught

places to hook up on a college campus
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14 Places On Campus You Can Hook Up In Besides Your Dorm Room

Photo illustration by Jacqueline Lin. For many young adults, college is the first place you get a real taste of freedom.

So where do you go on campus to hook up?
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Before you went off to college, you probably assumed that university life offered plenty of opportunities to hook up with all the mature, intellectual hotties you'd surely encounter on campus, right? But then you actually arrived at school and realized that your roommate leaves the room so infrequently, her skin might have actually grown attached to her bed. So you had to figure out where to have sex on campus without disturbing your roomie's precious Netflix binges.

Answer: God made them in heaven out of puppies and fluff and other things. College is the apex of the apex of the apex of your life in terms of meeting sexy and eligible smokeshows.


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