Online dating competitive analysis

Comparing dating sites through media analysis

online dating competitive analysis
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SEMrush Study: Everything You Wanted To Know About Online Dating Websites

There's no question that online dating has fast become a booming space. Not only is Match Group facing dozens of competitors, but it also operates in a fast-moving space as customers turn over quickly and trends change with new technology.

All of the online dating platforms included in our analysis are free for the of operation, Match has the competitive advantage of long-standing.
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What Are Match Group's Biggest Competitors?

The service sector has been booming at a tremendous rate over the past couple of years. - Tinder may have invented swiping left and right, but the game of dating is as old as time, so there really are no rules when it comes to how a connection should spark.

CompuDate has identified two distinct market segments. These segments are identified by age, year olds and year olds. Recognizing that each group has different goals in a matchmaking service and respond differently to marketing messages, CompuDate will target each group distinctly. In terms of potential customers, the elder group contains more potential customers. CompuDate is competing against three styles of competitors. The first style of online personal classified such as Yahoo! The second group is similar to the first however it is not Internet-based, it relies on newspaper ads as the medium form.

We will only use this email to respond to you on your feedback. Privacy Policy. The online dating industry has come a long way since it first arrived on the digital scene in The matchmaking service grew modestly in its first few years, but with advancements in technology and the attendant introduction of more sophisticated platforms and apps, the industry has mushroomed into a big business. Facebook has taken notice, recently announcing its plans to roll out a dating function within the core Facebook app. As one of the more prominent digital industries around, online dating has branched out to include highly specific niche websites catering to equally specific user demographics and preferences, such as those over 50 or embracing a vegan lifestyle.


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    With a $3 billion market size in the US, the online dating industry is Each app has its own competitive advantage or spin on the dating game: With its monthly.

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