Kate winslet skinny dipping

The Greatest Skinny Dipping Scenes Part 1

kate winslet skinny dipping
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O ne thing to be said for Contagion is that it's unlikely to bring Kate Winslet another award. Alternatively, there might be an award for anyone who can come up with a good reason why she made Contagion, a picture that takes a vast subject and reduces it to amazing banality. But that's not Winslet's fault.
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Oddly, for a biopic of a Booker Prize-winning novelist and giant intellect, you get to see a lot of Kate Winslet's breasts in this movie, wobbling softly and palely like two blancmanges being borne up to High Table on a trolley. Over the opening credits, a naked, nymph-like Winslet swims up through a suspiciously milky Isis and almost bumps her boobies against the lens. But then, Iris's "greatest talent was for life", wasn't it?

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Nine Movies in Which Kate Winslet Has Gotten Naked

For Kate Winslet, the actress cast in the role of Murdoch, life was not . When they were young they did a of skinny dipping, so to me it was.
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