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'Kissing Leonardo DiCaprio gave me an erection' WATCH Armie Hammer confess all

leo dicaprio gay kiss
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10 Facts About Leonardo DiCaprio You Probably Donít Know

KISSING Leonardo DiCaprio turned on this male Hollywood star so much he got an erection. Watch his outrageous confession.
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Armie Hammer admits he got ďa bonerĒ when kissing Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio: Kissing a man in J Edgar film was all in a day's work close relationship with Tolson, who was said to be his gay lover.
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Edgar Hoover with Hammer taking on the role of Clyde Tolson , Hoover's right-hand man, who many believe was also his lover. They went to work together. They were together for 50 years. They lived together. They were buried together. They never had a family. They never had a girlfriend.

Skip navigation! Story from Movies. There is nothing we love more than a really steamy onscreen kiss. And if I am speaking my truth , then there is nothing I love more than anything involving Armie Hamme r.


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    The film sees him portraying the former FBI chief from his mids to the age of 77 using hairpieces, full facial prosthetics and padding.

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    Armie Hammer claims he got 'partial boner' kissing Leonardo DiCaprio in J. Edgar. They played a longtime couple in the film.

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