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Indonesia's Sunda Strait tsunami: What we know

indonesian women tumblr
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In January the Indonesian Government ruled 20 per cent of all cattle imported into the country had to be for breeding purposes. Importers had two years to fill their quota, which was part of a series of measures the Government introduced to try to reduce the country's reliance on Australian cattle. Nearly 18 months later, importers are struggling to comply and in some cases, appear to have given up.
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Prostitution in Indonesia

Indonesia's breeder cattle protocol: Is anyone following the rules?

Traditionally, they have met with customers in entertainment venues or special prostitution complexes, or lokalisasi. - Blog - Latest News.

Photo courtesy Ramengvrl. I was sitting in a hidden studio space above one of South Jakarta's many artisan coffee shops. It looked like the kind of place that threw a massive house party the night before. Across from me was an unassuming young woman who arrived with a massive entourage of dudes decked-out in 90s inspired streetwear. This is how I met Ramengvrl, one of the biggest names in Indonesia's new generation of hip-hop. But she doesn't feel comfortable being labeled as a rapper. She tells me that she's just a musicians who is expressing her own worldview.


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    Indonesian Tumblr users fear their 'internet is shrinking' - BBC News

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