Ways to lick a girl out

16 Things Women Want You To Know About Going Down On Them

ways to lick a girl out

Good Girls Gone Bad

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Did you know that a research study of 52, Americans found that receiving oral sex is by far the strongest predictor of how frequently women orgasm? Regardless if you are male, intersex or female, identify as non-binary, man or woman or girl or boy!
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How To Go Down On A Woman To Make Her Orgasm EVERY. DAMN. TIME.

Everything that appears in this post speaks from the individual experience of those who gave the tips. Perhaps they don't represent the personal preferences of all women, but they all got a lot of likes on Facebook.

Cunnilingus can be the best thing in the whole entire world.
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We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. - You just go down, stick your tongue out, and watch her enjoy herself.

The problem is most guys have no clue how to go down and perform oral sex on a woman. Sure most guys can find a woman's clitoris with their tongue while rubbing her g-spot with their fingersÖ and that can make her orgasm if you do it right. But this is barely scratching the surface of how much pleasure you can deliver with your mouth. The media and society do a powerfully potent job of making women feel self-conscious about their vaginas.



  1. Laure B. says:

    I would prefer if he quickly licked his finger before putting it inórememberówet, wet, wet is good, good, good!

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