Juliette binoche rendezvous

Rendez-vous with French Cinema 2018 preview: Juliette Binoche and 80 new features

juliette binoche rendezvous
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It's about Nina Juliette Binoche , a pretty, headstrong young woman from Toulouse, who comes to Paris to be an actress and, with no experience whatsoever, lands a small role in a hit play. Still her life is incomplete. She's searching for meaning, as well as an apartment.

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Thirteen years ago I was studying at the Toronto Film School, and, to be perfectly blunt, it was a terrible experience. I was struggling to find an identity as a filmmaker in an environment that was toxic to my ambitions; despite my best efforts to create a space for the kinds of films I wanted to make, I often felt as if I were trying to sculpt a cement block with a butter knife. It was not an encouraging environment to experiment or explore, as students were expected to aspire to cookie-cutter blockbuster cinema.

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Nina is a young headstrong woman who has traveled to Paris from her provincial home in Toulouse searching immediate success as an actress. There, she meets Paulot, a timid real estate clerk, who is immediately smitten by her. She invites him to see her perform in the small role she has as a maid in a boulevard comedy. After the play, Nina takes Paulot for dinner with her current boyfriend Fred, but the couple has a major row, breaking off their relationship.


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