Movie star sex scandal

The Biggest Celebrity Scandal the Year You Were Born

movie star sex scandal
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Fox Kathy Griffin is no stranger to being under fire for her jokes that have crossed the threshold from funny to straight up offensive. Mega movie mogul Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexual misconduct and the claims spurred a slew of allegations against other top stars.

In , intimate and private photographs of Hong Kong actor Edison Chen with various .. of the scandal, Chen was pulled from the upcoming Stephen Fung movie Jump; credit card .. "Edison "$, offered for sex scandal star's hand ".
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It was a shocking tale in - Many local newspapers headlined the story consecutively during the first fortnight of February , relegating coverage of the Chinese winter storms to secondary prominence during Chinese New Year.

An unlikely coalition of pop idols, communist censors, Hong Kong police and a Catholic bishop are fighting to stifle the biggest celebrity sex scandal in the history of the Chinese internet. They are struggling to halt the spread of thousands of lurid digital photographs apparently showing one of Hong Kong's most famous actors, Edison Chen, in bed with eight of the territory's top actresses, singers and businesswomen. The images were illegally copied from a customised pink Macbook belonging to the star, best known for the Infernal Affairs police films. They have prompted a media frenzy here that has, in terms of scale and interest, utterly eclipsed the fixation about Britney Spears on the English-language web. As well as crashing internet servers in celebrity-obsessed Hong Kong, the gossip has spread to the mainland, where one online discussion about the subject generated more than 25m page views and , comments. Police investigating the cause of the scandal have focused on Chen's pink laptop, which he nicknamed Cotton Candy Mac. According to local newspapers, the photographs were illegally copied from the computer while it was being serviced by technicians.


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    Hollywood sex scandal: See growing list of who's accused of harassment, assault The growing list of allegations include stories about actor Kevin Spacey, . Gilbert says she auditioned for "The Doors" movie in and the three-time.

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