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Shevonne Durkin in Leprechaun 2 (). * The age of the celebrity during this appearance is being counted automatically and might be approximated.
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Ian was a main protagonist who appeared in Leprechaun 2 he was portrayed by Adam Beisk. Ian was a friend of Bridget's and a rival of Cody's. He worked at the Go Kart place in town, and a love triangle was formed between Bridget, Ian and Cody when she ditches Cody infront of Ian, who also bullies Cody and flirts with her infront of Cody, to which Bridget enjoys snd tells Cody there won't be a next time.
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The 7 Best Kill Scenes from the Leprechaun Franchise!

Author: Josh G. Submitted by: Josh G. Leprechaun 2 Author: Josh G.
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Leprechaun 2 also known as Leprechaun II and One Wedding and Lots of Funerals is a American black comedy slasher film and the second film in the Leprechaun series., Leprechaun is an American horror comedy film series consisting of six films.

Leprechaun 2

News Videos. Eleven years after the final installment in the original series, the Leprechaun franchise was brought back from the dead this week courtesy of Lionsgate and WWE Films, who together released Leprechaun: Origins review onto VOD outlets this past Tuesday. Needless to say, the Leprechaun has left a pretty large body count in his wake over the years, and in celebration of the reboot we wanted to shine the green spotlight on some of his most memorable slayings.

However the question is each film should I pick? On this day he can pick any woman to be his bride, he chooses the daughter of his slave.


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