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St. Vincentís Style Evolution: From Indie Darling to Bowie-Esque Trendsetter

The following excerpt is from the February issue of Guitar World. Annie Clark is officially one step ahead of us. We've always suspected as much, but this fact was confirmed the moment she emerged from hair and makeup for her inaugural Guitar World cover shoot holding a guitar That mag may no longer be in production, but the internet remembers all and provided Clark with some ripe source material for her cover concept. Performing as the enigmatic, experimental St. Vincent, she has become what might best be described as a postmodern guitar hero, and for the last decade has been subtly injecting some truly exciting guitar playing into the pop music landscape.

I'm really excited because I'm going to meet St Vincent -- it's a fucking boiling hot day and I'm wearing a white t-shirt and I haven't brushed my hair and she always has great hair but hopefully that won't be a problem because my hair usually looks great when it's not brushed. I'm making this about me, but really it's about her, a musician, a woman, a multi-instrumentalist who has her own line of breast-accommodating guitars, who has recorded an album with David Byrne, played with the Polyphonic Spree, performed dressed as a toilet, and who has fingered Kurt's guitar part in Lithium while introducing Nirvana to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Ten years ago she released her debut album Marry Me, showcasing her musical ingenuity: her credits include vocals, guitar, bass, piano, organ, Moog synthesizer, clavietta, xylophone, vibraphone, dulcimer, drum programming, triangle, and percussion.


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