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What Retailers Should Know About Selling to Millennials (a Chat with Jasmine Glasheen)

The two actresses sat down with BroadwayWorld. Jasmine Batchelor : "The Other Woman" is a whirlwind of youth, spontaneity, and fun when we first meet her.

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But whatever you think about this generation, one thing is clear: Millennials aka Gen Y continue to have a significant impact on the economy and society in general. We caught up with Jasmine Glasheen, a writer, marketer, burgeoning generational voice at Retail Minded. Jasmine is also a contributing editor at RetailWire and a regular contributor to various publications in the retail, business, and technology sectors including: Retail Minded, NectarOm, Fiverr and RetailWire. Check it out:.

The fact that she was dumped wasn't the dramatic part, but her ramblings before Nick decided to send her home were quite interesting. Jasmine and all the women seemed to be having a good time on their post-volleyball group date party that is, after the crying stopped , but when Jasmine starting seeing all of the other women getting picked for conversations and past dates , she couldn't take it anymore. She couldn't hold it in, and she confronted Nick as to why he wasn't seeing her. Nick is used to being fawned over, and, well, Jasmine was not fawning over him. She was mad, and she was venting her frustrations about their lack of a relationship.


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