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Amsterdam: Male sex workers occupy red light district

None of the proposals envisage any attempt to criminalize prostitution in Amsterdam, but all of them suggest a major overhaul of an area that has become increasingly unsatisfactory for pretty much everyone. Now, however, the crush of tourists risks becoming unmanageable. Local residents have to put up with growing noise and disorder , and sex workers reportedly find that their customers are scared away.

Bathed in red neon light, hundreds of prostitutes ply their trade from behind windows in the narrow canalside streets of Amsterdam — and that's how they want it to stay. The Dutch capital's first female mayor has vowed to clean up the notorious red light district and possibly even close some of the famed window booths, but sex workers say they won't move. The area is one of the biggest tourist draws in a city that attracted around 18 million visitors last year. Mayor Femke Halsema listed "disruptive behavior and a disrespectful attitude to the sex workers in the windows" as key problems, along with a "major increase in unlicensed, underground prostitution.

Amsterdam is known by many as the city of sin and has a reputation as a place where anything goes.


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