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Pornhub Wants to Buy Tumblr and Un-Ban Its Sex Content. Should It?

For example:., Users found out this wasn't true when a new adult blog search policy went public on Thursday, capping Tumblr's quarantine on adult content, which now also includes excluding adult blogs from Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.

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Working to provide a resource for sex workers to find jobs, housing, or most anything else you might find in the classifieds- but for sex working people and sex work related topics only! - A great place to begin educating yourself on why it is so vital for sex workers to gain more humane working conditions, rights, and respect as a working person.

Last week, news broke that the ill-fated Tumblr, now owned by Verizon Media Group, is allegedly up for sale. According to The Wall Street Journal , Verizon is shopping the blogging site around after its failure to turn a significant profit for the company. But even with poor profit figures, one buyer is interested: Pornhub. The problem is, a possible Pornhub acquisition comes with a wealth of concerns.



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