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sexy women truck drivers

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In fact, the opposite may be true. With the growing number of victims of the iPhone zombie apocalypse stacking up, truck-related accidents are becoming more and more common. The lack of knowledge about common courtesies and simple safety precautions to take when driving near, passing by, or even approaching a stoplight with a big rig trailing behind has led to injuries and, in serious cases, the death of many drivers.
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Tattoo model claims SHE is world's sexiest truck driver

Less than 1 in 5 truck drivers in Australia are under Blayze Williams, part glamour model, part horse-riding-and-showing competition winner, stands out among the minority with blonde hair, blue eyes, and an immutable ambition for pushing her limits. Whether it be bouncers who don't believe her trucking license is real, or pushing for female uniforms, the tattooed year-old, wheel driver is making changes in the Australian trucking industry.

And these women face a daily barrage of prejudice while doing their job - including being gawped at by men while driving and mocked while reversing.
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People are calling this Australian driver the world’s sexiest trucker

Ephrata's Joanne Fatta was the recipient of the award and beat out 86 other women. A lot of ups and downs. A lot of areas.

Hot Australian trucking girl claimed to be the world’s sexiest one – is she indeed?

Move over Blayze Williams - a new glamour model wants to take your world's sexiest trucker title. Tattoo pin-up chick Jenn Desmond, who also goes by the name Dollywood online, said she could give the year-old a run for her money with her work driving heavy rigid dump trucks for the past six years. The Perth year-old, originally from New Zealand, said she too often got questioned whether she drove big trucks. She is one of just three female drivers working in her team of 19 in Western Australia, but said there should be more women like her. Ms Dee came forward after Ms Williams originally got given the title. Tattoo pin-up chick Ms Desmond pictured said she could give the year-old a run for her money with her work driving heavy rigid dump trucks for the past six years.

Although the driver profession has been even recently dominated mainly by men, nowadays more and more women are deciding to drive trucks. Some of them are quickly spotted by the media that constantly report another beauty behind the wheel. This time, the hot literally hero of websites is Blayze Williams from Australia.


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